Possible use of monitoring system: • Different sources of power: solar, hydro, wind, biogas and hybrid • Monitoring of buildings: heating, ventilation, air conditioning • Energy consumption centers: for control and regulation purposes • Assurance of security systems: intrusion detection, CCTV cameras • Effective planning: comparison of real values with multiple references


Follow the production of energy in real time online. Alarm messages in real time, eliminating the downtime to a minimum period of time. Minimal downtime in turn eliminates your lost profits. Backup and efficient service is guaranteed. Versatility and a complete overview of the production of energy from different sources is our priority.


Universálnost je hlavní výhoda našeho systému. Monitoring lze přizpůsobit individuálním potřebám a různým komponentům.


• Monitor Performance of PV-Plant from any part of globe • Micro monitoring of individual inverters output in PV plant • Reporting of energy generation in various forms for commercial cum technical analysis • Earning corresponding to energy generated in PV-plant can be visualized • Automated report generation based on customer requirement • Early fault detection alarm will save energy and prolonged life of power plant • Monitor and control energy consumption in house and industries • Optimization of energy consumption in the customer premises • Used also for monitoring energy generated from various technology such as Biogas and Wind based on customers specification • Cost-effectiveness


Monitoring system for Household:• Installation & Commissioning of Monitoring System (HW/SW) • Inverters Set-up for Monitoring • Integration of PV-Plant data into Server • Collection and Storage of Plant Performance Data • Data visualization and Dashboard Overview via Internet at SunTanzer Server • Data Visualization in Graphs, Tables and .csv • Raw Data Archivation • Historical Performance Data (Daily, Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime) • System / Component Error (Failure Analysis, Solution Proposal) - Notification by E-mail or SMS • Firmware update

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Enjoy comfort, our dispatchers listening service your plant, and if necessary contact the service.

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